To Arm Candy or Not?

Hey Ya’ll!

I love arm candy, they dress up any outfit, and can all-of-a-sudden make a casual or athleisure look feel luxurious.  I’ve created the four stacks you see below to demonstrate the best ways to stack to create the most impact.

The key to an effective arm candy stack is balance; as well as combining thin and thick pieces and varied textures together, to create dimension.  Remember, cools go with cools, and warms go with warms (per our Color Theory lesson a few weeks ago?) Shown below, you ‘ll see how I kept the silvers and golds together, but then found a pastel teal charm to bring out the pastel teal in the rose gold set?  It’s all about coordinating a cohesive look from the start!



In case you’re in the mood to shop, here are some of my favorite places to get arm candy from:

Bloomingdales (check out the sale section for pleasant surprises
Top Man (for guys) 

If you’re trying to create a specific look, click here, for personalized arm candy listings sent directly to your inbox. 


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