Best Bathing Suit For Your Body Type

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Summertime is upon us, and as the stores fill their shelves with swim and resort-wear; I thought it would be the most appropriate time to let you in on the secrets of bathing suit shopping for your body type.  As a stylist, I see it all the time…  a person loves a bathing suit silhouette, print, or look; and decides to buy it even though it may not be the best fit for their body type.  bathing suits are sometimes an afterthought for some of my clients (pertains to fit, silhouette, and fabric); but they absolutely should NOT be!

Whether you’re swimming, tanning, or lounging; bathing suits NEED to have a nice fit in a great fabric, so that they’ll not only hold it all in there, but will look great as well!

We’ve all been there- you’re about to do a cannonball into the pool, or dive head-first into an ocean wave, and BAM!  All of a sudden everyone around you gets, an (ahem), “show” that they CERTAINLY didn’t pay for. lol

Believe it or not, there’s a formula that makes all the difference with getting your best fit as it pertains to symmetry, balance, and flattery of your body.  With bathing suits, and dresses, it’s all about these 4 things:

1.) The Fabric

2.) The Fit

3.) The Neckline


4.) The proportions of the various garments, that when put together will create a balanced, harmonious look

Fabrics such as neoprene, and blends such as lycra-spandex, will ensure everything stays in place :).  Cuts and finishes such as racerback, high-waist, boy-cut, low-rise, string bottoms, and necklines such as string, triangle, wrap, sweetheart, plunging, or full-coverage; will best compliment your unique shape.  For maternity bathing suits, just find your fit and, “You Glow Girl!” 

Cuts such as, racerback, straight, thick, thin, and string; fits like high-waisted, boy-cut, low-rise, rouching; and necklines such as string, triangle, wrap, sweetheart, plunging, or full-coverage will ensure you always look your best!

This formula combined with my professional stylist types below will ensure the ABSOLUTE best fit for YOUR body!

1.)  Large Chest-

Those with a large chest, usually have a small bottom, therefore, you will need to play with your proportions and lines to ensure the top is minimized, and the bottom is maximized.

Your Best Options:

Straight, thick-cut straps, thick-cut straps with thick criss-cross cut on back; square neckline,  halter top (only if there is amazing support), wrap bathing suits; and no strings on the top and back for this one!

2.) Small Chest-

Those with small chests need to maximize their top half, regardless of if the bottom is large or not.

Your Best Options:

Thin or String tops, flouncy or ruffle tops, large bow tops, bandeau tops, triangle tops, halter tops, criss-cross front and/or back, plunging necklines,sweetheart necklines




















3.) Broad Shoulders-

Broad shoulders are largest horizontally from side to side.  In order to balance this width, it’s important to cut it vertically from top to bottom, to balance the proportions.

Your Best Options:

Straight, thick-cut straps.  Asymmentrical one shoulder straps are a no-no, as they make the broadness of the space from shoulder to shoulder seem larger than what it is!







4.) Short Torso-

The torso is defined as the area between the bottom of the neck and the top of the waist.  Since this body type has a shorter mid-section, it’s important to choose tops and bottom combinations that will lengthen the torso area.

Your Best Options:

string tops and bottoms, plunging necklines, low cut bottoms















5.) Apple Shape (large mid-section, and small legs)

Since this body type not proportionate, you will need to play with your proportions and hemlines to ensure the top is minimized, and the bottom is maximized.

Your Best Option:

String, low-rise bottoms, SUPER high rise bottoms (that sits above the belly area) boy-cut bottoms, rouching, and mid-section draping and wrapping.














6.) Short Legs-

Since this body type has either short legs and long torso, or short legs, and short torso, it’s important to hae a bathing suit bottom that shortens the torso, and lengthens the leg.

Your Best Options:

high-rise bottoms, string to semi-thick bottoms








7.) Large Bum/Wide Hips/Plus Size-

Since the mass of this body type is at the bottom (and can be at the top as well, for some), it’s important to visually cut some of it that, “weight” off (so to speak),to keep this body shape uplifted, tight and RIGHT!  😎

Your Best Options:

boy cut shorts (longer, not cheeky), high waist bottoms (not high-rise bottoms)














8.) Long Legs-

This body type usually has either a short torso and long legs, where you’ll lengthen the torso, and shorten the legs; or it has a long torso and long legs, where you’ll need to shorten both.

Your Best Options:

cheeky cut briefs or full hip bottoms (as pictured above)








P.S.~ If you’re body type or concern is a combination of any of the types I’ve listed below, feel free to play with your top and bottom combinations to ensure your most complimentary fit! 

For instance, broad shoulders, narrow hips, lean legs- should combine a straight-cut, thicker strap top with a low rise, and/or string bottom. 



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