Hey Ya’ll! Every day, I receive questions from clients about how to identify their skin type; as there are so many buzz words on the market.  As Your Beauty and Lifestyle Professional ladies and gentleman, it’s my job to help you navigate it all!  So, I decided to do a 3-part series on oily, dry […]

Hey Ya’ll! Color Theory. It’s THE most important component of fashion, beauty, home, and the visual arts.  It’s what guides us towards what colors to pair best together to create an aesthetically pleasing statement.  Think about it; billboards/advertisements, sports teams, and businesses of every size have created logos, uniform, or advertisement for their brand, using the color wheel […]

Hey Ya’ll! As a 15-year Esthetician, I hold the key to hydrated, anti-aged, yet protected skin for both men and women (outside of diet, exercise and water in-take, of course).   And today, I’m going to share them with you… my beloved clients..friends… and family well, because, I love you! 1.) WASH and MOISTURIZE -with both a cleanser AND […]

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