Which Brow Product Is Right For Me You?

Hey Ya’ll,

Brows are so personal, they define the face, are the windows to your soul, and can pull a face together in an instant (AmIRight?) But, in today’s sea of brow products how is one to know which products achieve which look?

Have no fear, your friendly Beauty Professional is here (cue Superhero music and cape, Dun Dun Dun…)

In all seriousness, there are a LOT of brow products out there, and they all do different things and produce totallllly different looks!


Brow products are grouped into 4 categories:

1.) GEL: Is the most natural look, creates a, “boy brow” (a tamed, yet untamed brow).  A clear brow gel will define brows without adding any color.  If you want to add color, grab a tinted brow gel in the color that’s closest to your current hair color, and it will tint your brows for the day.  

Coverage: Light

Pro Tip: Swipe through brow to simply groom them (clear), or tint your brows for the day (has color).






2.) POWDER: Create a naturally diffused brow that’s easy for beginners or pros to use when they want more color then what gels provide.  They are best used when you already have a good amount of brow hair, but want to fill in gaps, beginnings, or tails, etc.

Coverage: Light/Medium-Medium

Pro Tip: Apply your brow powder with an angle brush to achieve the best results.







3.) PENCIL: Brow pencils create a clean, crisp underline of the brow, and can be used in by itself to lightly fill in, or create an entire brow as long as there is hair for it to adhere to.  In addition, you can combine a pencil with either a gel or powder, and it instantly defined them for a pulled together look.

Coverage: Light-Full

Pro Tip: Begin stroking at the underside of the arch of your brow and continue on to tail, lightly filling upward along the way. Then lightly (and, I do mean lightly)






4.) POMADE: Brow pomades have gotten a bad wrap bc ppl. misuse and abuse how powerfully pigmented they are (Hellooooo Instabrow).  But, the truth is, they are really great for those who have little to no brow hairs.

Pomades are a colored cream.  Though reaaallly pigmented, the best thing you can do is to use a lighter touch and pull back on how tight you’re holding the brush.

Coverage: Fullest coverage.

Pro Tip: Transition the way you grip the brush from your hand to your wrist creating a softer, more natural look.


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