Fashion Friday- Color Theory For Beauty, Fashion, and Home

Hey Ya’ll!

Color Theory. It’s THE most important component of fashion, beauty, home, and the visual arts.  It’s what guides us towards what colors to pair best together to create an aesthetically pleasing statement.  Think about it; billboards/advertisements, sports teams, and businesses of every size have created logos, uniform, or advertisement for their brand, using the color wheel as their guide.  The same goes for the creation of garments, goods, and housewares. 

Every color, (with the exception of black and white) will fall into one of two categories; either cool or warm tones.  When shopping for clothes, your home, or planning a beauty look; think of cool tones as your ocean or cloud colors like think, blue, green, purple, gray, etc., and warm tones as your sunset colors such as red, orange, gold, yellow, maroon, etc. (This info. is going to be really helpful in the coming months as we will be talking about mixing and matching using color theory, so stay tuned!) 

On the color wheel, cools and warms are housed together because they look best together; unless you’re mixing metals, which is totally chic!



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