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Has anyone ever asked you, “What are your skin concerns?”, and immediately and thought to yourself, “I don’t have any concerns about my skin”.   Rest assured that when an Esthetician asks you that question, it’s not that we are assuming your skin is problematic; it’s because to us, a skin concern is defined as anything that occurs within the skin that is outside the realm of what typical, “normal skin” looks like.

So what’s the difference?  Skin type is what you are born with, it’s a part of your DNA and cannot be changed no matter what you do to it, or what products you use.  A skin concern is just that, a temporary or ongoing concern that is associated with your specific skin.

As you recall, we learned how to identify and treat acne and hyperpigmentation in previous posts.  Today,  we are focusing on dehydration, another common skin concern.

Dry skin (skin type) and dehydration (skin concern) are different.  Though it is IMPOSSIBLE for someone to have oily skin and dry skin at the same time; it IS possible to have oily skin and dehydration at the same time.  Dry skin is caused by a lack of oily (which oily skin has PLENTY of); and dehydration is caused by a lack of water and sleep (which we could all use more of).  See what I mean?

Dehydration is easily identifiable as dry or scaly areas on the face, which is why it’s easily confused with a combination or dry skin skin type.  But TRUST ME.. they are NOT the same, and shouldn’t be treated as such.

When dealing with dehydration, a holistic approach is best! Eat leafy greens, drink LOTS of water, and exercise.  Since dehydration is a skin concern, not a skin type (see the difference above) it’s important to still treat your skin per its type.  So, be sure to use products catered to your skin type that cleanse and exfoliate the skin; then add lots of water (if your skin is oily) and emollient-rich (if your skin is dry) ingredients to the skin, thereafter.

1.) Use a gentle, exfoliating, yet hydrating cleanser like DRMTLGY’s Hydrating Cleanser.  Also, I am dyyyyyiiiingg over Korean (K-Beauty) peeling gels as a gentle, and satisfying cleansing cleanser.  I highly recommend both!

2.) Yes, exfoliation is the theme, here.  Can you tell?!  Even though you’ll now be using a gentle, exfoliating cleanser, it’s not abrasive/active enough to replace your weekly exfolation routine.  Basically, you still need to do another physical (scrub) or chemical (peel pad) exfoliation 3 times a week to keep the skin in shape, looking great, and anti-aged.  

3.) I created this DIY hydrating mask recipe just for you.  Do it when you want to treat the skin, or just have a spa day at home.

Hydrating Honey and Yogurt Mask

Leave it on for 20 minutes, and Glow Baby, GLOW!!

  • 3 Tbsp. Raw, unfiltered honey
  • 2 Tbsp. Greek Yogurt
  1. Mix the two together in a bowl, apply to face or body and radiate on!

4.) Use a sunscreen with an SPF of AT LEAST 85 to protect the skin, and and prevent it from aging.

Though affiliate links are used in this post, the professional recommendations and advice are not sponsored and are solely a result of my Beauty and Lifestyle Professional expertise.  


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