Dry Skin Care

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Every day, I receive so many questions from clients about how to identify their skin type; because there are so many buzz words on the market.  As Your Beauty and Lifestyle Professional ladies and gentleman, it’s my job to help you navigate it all!  So, I decided to do a 3-part series on oily, dry and combination skin.  Today, it’s all about dry skin!

If you have dry skin, you wake up and go to sleep with your skin always feeling tight, always thirsting for hydration and comfort; no matter what products you apply. 

People with dry skin KNOW they have dry skin.  With this skin type, it’s all about layering products that are emollient enough for it’s needs!

Here’s how you take care of dry skin:

1.) WASH and MOISTURIZE – with both a cleanser AND moisturizer with a cream, oil, or foam formula.

Here’s THE BEST anti-aging cleansing option:

Here’s amazing option for maintenance cleansing:

2.) EXFOLIATE- Since this skin type tends to be sensitive to the touch, creamy mild peel pads or creamy scrub exfoliants work best! I love First Aid Beauty’s Radiance Pads bc their products are effective, gentle, and affordable.

3.) SUNSCREEN-  Aside from its amazing anti-aging benefits; always apply an SPF 85 or higher to combat the sun’s harmful rays (BOTH of them!).  Here’s the one I use every day!

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