Under Eye Darkness vs. Circles

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One of my most frequently asked client questions HAS to be, what’s the difference between darkness under the eye, and circles (or, texture) under the eye.  Most people use the terms interchangeably (as they do with contour vs. bronzer, but that’s another blog for another day).

Well, fear not my friends! I’m here to not only clarify the distinction between the two, but to give you my professional product suggestions (that actually work), to do something about it!

Under eye circles are rings under the eyes, and under eye darkening is hyperpigmentation (or discoloration) under the eyes.  Now, some people have both, but they should never be thought of as one in the same; because they most definitely are NOT!

Not many companies make a solution that takes care of darkness specifically, so I recommended the best of those that solve darkness as their first claim, and anti-aging thereafter.  

Because of this, my professional recommendations below are broken down into the categories, “Under Eye Darkness + Anti-Aging”,  and pure, “Anti-Aging” (because some people have an aging concern, but not a darkness concern).

Back in the day, cosmetics were only made of heavy creams, therefore, people were not advised to use them under the eye.

These days, cosmetic chemists have come up with amazing ways to make highly effective products without all the fillers.  So, if you think you’re seeing face serums below in an, “eye serum blog”, YOU ARE, and they are ABSOLUTELY safe and fluid enough to use under the eye! I know it sounds crazy, but trust me!

Plus, you save so much money because face serums have about 1-2 oz. more product per container, than a smaller size eye serum with the same active ingredients, and the same amount of them as well!

As always, I would never recommend anything that I haven’t professionally tried on myself!


Under Eye Darkness + Anti-Aging Recommendations:

Preorbital (under eye) darkness can be caused by allergies, genetics, or oxidation (further darkening) of blood leaking from the blood vessels around the eyes.  For reference, the skin around your eyelids is about 0.5 mm thick, compared to the skin on the rest of your body which is about 2 mm thick.  Therefore, it’s really important to use an eye serum or cream with that corrects hyperpigmentation, not just make it appear brighter if it only contains “optical diffusing pearls”.

1.) Cold Plasma Eye + (Perricone is my FAVORITE treatment brand this is an updated formula, that I am SO impressed with)- $110.00


2.)Darphin Dark Circles Relief– Darphin is a Parisian brand that fuses the finest botanical ingredients, innovative technologies, specialized, sensory techniques; and innovative technologies.- $76.00

3.) Strivectin NIA 114 Multi-Action R & R Cream– I love Strivectin too! Their products are a close second to Perricone as it pertains to skin treatments $65.00


4.) Organys Spark Rejuvenating Eye Formula– One of the best, inexpensive eye serums there is! $16.97



Preorbital bags, or, “circles” as most people affectionately call them, are caused by a lack of water and sleep.  Try to increase those two as much as possible, and then use one of these topically every day to continually improve your under eye area!

1.) Dr. Perricone MD High Potency Face Firming Activator– Each one of serums are the best, and most effective on the market $125 

2.) High Potency Amine Face Lift Serum– Again, another amazing serum from Dr. Perricone- $110

3.) Prevage Anti-Aging Eye Serum– An oldie, but still VERY MUCH SO a goodie! $100

4.) Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic + Retinol Triple Correction Eye Serum-The retinol in this serum gently exfoliates to reveal new, young skin; and the ferulic is an oxygen-rich antioxidant that detoxifies, and protects the eye area from free radical damage. In addition, he was the first to come out with these exfoliating peel pads long became cool to do so! I highly recommend both! 


Comment below, and let me know how they work out for you! I can’t wait to hear how they’ve changed your life!

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