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Hey Ya’ll!

I consider myself a tea connoisseur. Not just because I love to drink it, but I am fascinated with the fact that you can heal, nourish, calm, and please the taste by combining certain plants, flowers, and essences in a loose form.  One of my favorite tea brands is Kusmi Tea They’re a 150-year old French tea brand that specializes in loose teas, and teas pre-bagged in natural muslin fabric.  So simple, yet so elegant and chic.

There’s something about heritage brands that continue to make their products the same way they did when they first began; and Kusmi does not disappoint!

I was sent the Earl Grey loose tea, and B.B. Detox Tea to review, and I LOVED BOTH! I can imagine every flavor is just as delicious.  So without further adieu, let’s get to it!

First up, is the, “Anastasia – Early Grey Tea”: A loose tea that you use with a strainer.  Here’s my favorite silicon tea umbrella that makes drinking loose tea more convenient than ever! 


This tea is inspired by the story of Anastasia, the Grand Duchess and daughter of the Romanov dynasty.  This exclusive blend exemplifies the famous Russian taste with it’s combination of black China and Ceylon teas scented with orange blossom, bergamot, lemon and lime.


Next up, is the, “BB Detox Tea”:

This tea contains a delicious blend of fat-burning, metabolism-boosting, good digestive-having essences, with ingredients such as green tea, maté, rooibos, guarana, and dandelion; scented with grapefruit. It’s the perfect way to take a much-needed beauty break!

If Earl Grey, and Grapefruit really aren’t your thing; I’ve compiled this list below of my other favorite flavors, which I HIGHLY suggest you try!


If you’ve tried them, and have a favorite flavor; comment below! I’d LOVE to hear which Kusmi Tea you enjoyed the most!

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