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Every day, I receive questions from clients about how to identify their skin type; as there are so many buzz words on the market.  As Your Beauty and Lifestyle Professional ladies and gentleman, it’s my job to help you navigate it all!  So, I decided to do a 3-part series on oily, dry and combination skin.  Last week we learned how to care for dry skin; this week, it’s all about oily skin.

If you have oily skin, you wake up and go to sleep with oil in your T-zone and/or all over your face (see image above); no matter what products you apply. 

People with oily skin KNOW they have oily skin, and will do anything to keep that oil at bay; while still keeping it healthy.  Fear not, my friend! Your mature self will thank you for this “burden” as oily skin doesn’t show age, like dry skin does… so, be thankful!

Here’s how you take care of oily skin: 

1.) WASH and MOISTURIZE – with both a cleanser AND moisturizer with a gel or water-based formula.  I love Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Acne Wash, it’s  pink grapefruit ingredient is slightly acidic making it perfect for any oily skin; not just aceniec.

Gel Face Wash

 2.) EXFOLIATE- Since oily skin tends to be denser, and is a trigger for acne; it’s essential to aid your skin cells in turning over as fast as they can, as to prevent lifeless buildup on the skin’s surface.  Exfoliation also corrects hyperpigmentation (dark marks) that are genetic, or leftover from acne and breakouts.    It’s the only way to do so, by using a scrub, peel pad, or liquid exfoliant. I love Acure’s whole line, but their brightening scrub is so amazing, and the price is so affordable.  I HIGHLY suggest checking out this whole line! 

Acure Brightening Scrub

3.) SUNSCREEN-  Aside from it’s amazing anti-aging benefits; applying an SPF of 85 or higher every day prevents existing pigmentation from getting darker.  Here’s the Banana Boat  SPF 100 one that I use! I LOVE IT!

Clear, with a Fresh Scent


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