Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Line Review 2018

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The study of skin is so important because it’s the tell-tale sign of what ails the body, and is the foundation for each Beauty profession within the Cosmetology scope, such as Hair Stylist, Nail Technician, Barber, and Makeup Artist. Hair care and skin care are treated the same for hair simply dead skin cells, which still have a particular type.  Though I’m not as skilled in styling and cutting hair as stylists are, I do possess the same brevity of hair care skills because it’s the same care for their particular skin type.

You should treat dry hair the same as you do dry skin- creamy, oil-rich products.  Alternatively, one should treat oily scalp the same as oily skin- by using natural, and stripping products that are acidic to cleanse and refresh the scalp such as apple cider vinegar, charcoal solution or lemon.

As an Esthetician, I hold a Cosmetology license, so naturally, I am uuuuber (emphasis on uber) critical of each emerging product or line, as most aren’t worth their weight in gold.  Though I’ve tried, and continue to try everything on the market as to have the most informed opinion; there are very few lines that are tried and true for me in each Beauty category; and Ouidad is ABSOLUTELY one of them for this curly girl.  In fact, they know I’m such a HUGE fan, they sent me their Advanced Climate Control Humidity and Heat Proof line to try, blog, and vlog about; and let me tell you….. I.LOVE. IT!!

Before you watch my review below, let me tell you about their claim to fame, and the amazing ingredients in them!

Ouidad is a sulfate-free hair care line that specializes in nourishing and taming curly manes and prides itself on being as close to skin care for the hair, as you can get.  Once I heard that I was alll in…

Here’s what I tried: 

1.) Advanced Climate Control Defrizzing Shampoo and Conditioner:

CLAIM: Defines curl, and prevents frizz with Nano Technology that forms a barrier which locks in moisture and locks out humidity.

INGREDIENTS: Shea Butter and Murumuru Butter for hydration, ceremides for anti-aging, and provides UV protection from environmental damage.

VERDICT: LOVE: Even after the shampoo my hair felt soft, and the curls were defined, but still hydrated. 

MY PRO SHAMPOO TIP: Never use your nails to shampoo your hair, instead use the pads of your fingers to gently massage the scalp to increase circulation and blood flow which stimulates hair growth.  As you rinse the shampoo out, let it cascade and cleanse the rest of your hair down to the tip; thereby cleansing, but not stripping the hair.

MY PRO CONDITIONING TIP: Apply conditioner from tip to root to avoid unnecessary breakage, and to ensure all the hair is penetrated with allll those nourishing ingredients.


SHAMPOO- http://fxo.co/5FUH

CONDITIONER- http://fxo.co/5FUJ


2.) Advanced Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel:

CLAIM: Prevents frizz, flyaways,and unwanted volume.  Defines curls with flexible hold, not crunchy, not sticky or weighed down, locks in moisture and helps protect hair from UV damage.

INGREDIENTS:Anti-Frizz Nano Technology with silk proteins, wheat protein and pliable styling polymers that form a weightless lattice on hair’s surface to hold curl definition without frizz in heat and humidity.

VERDICT: Each curl was defined when raked through the hair, and it dried to a medium hold with a wet-look finish.  I LOVED IT! 

MY EXPERT PRODUCT DISTRIBUTION TIP:Rake all after-shower hair products through hair from tip to root, to ensure each piece is getting the most from the product being applied to it!





CHECK OUT MY FULL REVIEW OF THE OUIDAD CLIMATE CONTROL LINE + the before and after I experienced when using these products that sealed the deal for me!  Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more goodies and reviews!  Also, comment below when you try it, and let me know what you think!


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