Sincerely Silver Co. is My New Favorite Jewelry Brand

Hey Ya’ll! Your girl is back, and I wanted to share my AMAZING experience with, and tell y’all all about Sincerely Silver Company. But first, a bit of why this necklace means everything to me!

|Sponsored Post|Conceiving my daughter was something that doctors and even me had written off. I thought I was just going to be an amazing aunt and god mommy to all forever, which I was fine with.. but desperately hoped and prayed to be able to conceive and become a mother someday myself.

Well, 12.28.19 on the anniversary it happened, and on 10.10.17, my literal cosmic, angel baby arrived.

“Moon” means for feminine energy, and of course is beautiful, cosmic and rare. I named her, Luna which means, “Moon” in Spanish partly because of this reason.

Sincerely Silver really got my vision, and were an absolute DREAM to work with from customizing the saying on my necklace, to their meticulous, handcrafted, fine and understatedly elegant pieces.  They NAILED it when they accompanied that beautiful script of her name with the mystical, crescent moon icon.

I took Art History I, II, and III while studying to get my Fashion degree, and when I first saw this piece, it seriously sent my esthetically pleasing senses into overdrive@


I’m not a huge jewelry wearer partly because I can never find jewelry is delicate and fine that isn’t a million dollars. Lol

I’m just obsessed, and am always looking in the mirror, which I don’t usually do.  There is something about a fine necklace on any body type and decollete that just does it for me!

But seriously, I wouldn’t trade Sincerely and Co. for any of those brands anyway because my experience with them, and the care in which my package arrived totally outweighs anyone else attempting to do the same.

Of course, their pieces make amazing memorable gifts, but they also make beautiful pieces to be worn every day just because!

Take a look at their website, Sincerely Silver Company, let me know what you think, and what you end up getting! Love Ya’ll!!

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