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As a 15-year Esthetician, I hold the key to hydrated, anti-aged, yet protected skin for both men and women (outside of diet, exercise and water in-take, of course).   And today, I’m going to share them with you… my beloved clients..friends… and family well, because, I love you!

1.) WASH and MOISTURIZE -with both a cleanser AND moisturizer for YOUR skin type.  Oily skin needs water/gels, dry needs creams/oils, and combination. skin can use all, including lotions.

2.) EXFOLIATE- With a scrub, peel pad, or liquid exfoliant.
This.is ESSENTIAL! it makes the skin brighter, even-toned, rid it of texture, and hydrates it!  Think of it as the skin’s fitness routine, and is necessary for it’s life cycle.

3.) SUNSCREEN- Use one that has as SPF of at least 85 .  Since commercial facial sunscreens  and foundations rarely go above 50, a spray-on body sunscreen is best.  (I use one spray of SPF 100 daily).  It preserves our skin and prevents aging and discoloration.

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